New Arsenal Coach

The Anaheim Arsenal announced a press conference next Tuesday to introduce their new head coach. In a separate e-mail were some hints about who it is: “The coach that we got was a former head coach in the NBA last year and has won two (2) NBA Development League championships before.”

I did a little detective work and am now guessing that the new coach is Sam Vincent, ex-coach of the Charlotte Bobcats. His bio doesn’t quite match up with the details in the e-mail (only 1 D-League championship), but I don’t see anybody else in ESPN’s list of coaching changes who matches the description. Also, there was a recent article talking about the possibility of Vincent coaching the D-League’s new (and as yet unnamed) Reno franchise. My guess is that he got a better or more timely offer from Anaheim.

Sam Vincent, Anaheim Arsenal head coach 2008-2009: you heard it here first!

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