The Gawker Media Style Guide

Succinct, and hilarious. It actually applies to pretty much all Web-exclusive content, unfortunately.

Sprinkle in useless metaphors and orthogonal pop-cultural references.

This is pretty much why I don’t really like Bill Simmons’ writing very much — it feels like he’s just following a recipe for writing, and useless metaphors and/or movie references are his punchline setups.

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  1. I’m like a the stupid girlfriend on the Montel Williams show. I hate gawker sites but I keep going back to them! What videogame blogs do you frequent? I’d love to replace Kotaku, but I haven’t found anything that has better writing and is updated regularly.
    One gawker site that was really great for a long time is their auto site Jalopnik, though it has been on a slow downward slide for awhile.

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