High Fidelity (Part 3)

Yesterday I finally managed to redeem the Best Buy rain check for my free copy of Heroes Season 1 on HD-DVD. I originally got this rain check almost two months ago when I bought the HD-DVD add-on for the 360, and the boxed set hasn’t been in stock since then.

Over the last couple of months, I patiently kept checking to see if it was in stock whenever I was at the store, wisely choosing not to rely on the alleged phone notification you get when the item is in stock. (In the end, I never got a phone call of any sort.) I also investigated other avenues. Apparently you can’t redeem a rain check at another store. At another point, I attempted to convince customer service to just give me store credit for it, but apparently they can’t do that either. They told me that I wasn’t even supposed to get a rain check for a free item that was out of stock. I went back and checked the circular for that week, thanks to the archival powers of the Internet, and it did not indicate that was the case. Since the circular did indicate that other free offers were limited to stock on hand, I was pretty sure that I really was due my free boxed set. In the end, thankfully, justice prevailed.

I haven’t watched the boxed set, though. I’ll have to set aside some time to watch it, along with the Arrested Development Season 1 set that my brother gave me which I still haven’t watched…and then, there are still the 5 extra movies that we’re still expecting via the mail-in rebate…

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