Windows 7 Mobile Device Center not recognizing my phone over USB

I had some issues setting up my increasingly old and decrepit phone with my new machine – I installed the Windows Mobile Device Center, but it refused to recognize my phone when connected by USB. I seemed to be having some other issues at the time, and had an aborted attempt to install the proper USB drivers for my motherboard’s controller. I went through the following steps:

  • uninstall Windows Mobile Device Center
  • uninstall the unidentified devices in the Device Manager
  • reboot
  • install my motherboard’s “proper” USB driver (NEC)
  • reinstall Windows Mobile Device Center
  • Try connecting via USB again – it still failed, as before.
  • Slap in my Bluetooth adapter and connect via Bluetooth. When I did this, it seemed to install the mobile device.
  • I also had to delete my two existing PC partnerships before setting up the new one. Now it all syncs correctly.

Annoyingly, I still cannot sync via USB, but at least the Bluetooth works. I could have probably skipped to that, but I’m so used to syncing via USB that I wanted to get that working. I guess I could probably start sifting through the RNDIS driver error logs and see if I can find anything there, but considering that this whole epic saga started because I needed to sync someone’s address to my phone so I could mail them a package, I don’t want to get sidetracked too much more…

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