Visual Studio 2008 RTM install

I finally got around to installing the release version of Visual Studio 2008 on my machine. Fortunately, I checked around to see if there was anything special that I needed to do when uninstalling the beta, and found this article listing the recommended series of steps to uninstall the beta. I seem to remember there being some problems with uninstalling VS 2005 betas and then installing the final, so I’m glad that I checked. For those out there who don’t want to manually wade through that uninstallation list, there’s another article out there with an uninstall script that should do the trick.

My impressions of the final version of 2008 are pretty much the same as from the beta — it seems like a pretty solid release, with support for .NET 3.5 and better extensibility support among other things. I may write up more later as I get more seat time with the final…

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