Your Arsenal

For my birthday (tomorrow), Sandy got us a pair of season tickets for the Anaheim Arsenal of the NBDL (at a very reasonable price, I might add). I’m pretty excited about this, as I’ve never been a season ticket holder for any sport. Ticket prices for the Clippers and the hated Lakers are quite high — when you look at the number of games in a package, and the fact that you’re buying for two, it can get expensive real quick. (I have to admit that when I was living in the Bay Area, I got spoiled by the Warriors‘ ridiculously low ticket prices. You used to be able to get lower bowl end tickets for $18, of which, let me tell you, I took full advantage.) I also can’t imagine being a season ticket holder for a MLB team — there’s just way too many games to attend! The 24-game home schedule for the Arsenal seems quite reasonable in comparison. I don’t know what the playoff structure for the NBDL is, though — I just know that apparently there is one, because last year I flipped over to the NBA channel on Sirius one day, and they were playing the championship game.

Looks like the first home game is on November 24th, versus the Utah Flash. Now I need to get up to speed on the teams and players down low

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