Oliver’s Birthday

A little over a year ago, I got an e-mail about a black kitten that a co-worker (Patrick) had found huddled underneath his car as he was leaving for the night. He took the kitten to a local veterinary emergency clinic, and discovered that he had a broken leg, which was then put into a splint. Patrick couldn’t keep the cat, though, as his apartment complex didn’t allow it, so he asked for a volunteer to adopt the cat.

The way Sandy tells it, I told her the kitten’s sad story over the weekend, and then e-mailed her again on Monday about him…which was a clear signal that I wanted to adopt the poor little kitten. Sandy agreed to adopt him, I e-mailed Patrick about wanting to adopt him (apparently just a couple of minutes before someone else did), and the rest is history.

Today is Oliver’s “birthday,” in that it has been one year since we adopted him. (He was thought to be about 4-5 months old when he was found.) His leg has healed, his worms have been eradicated, and he’s now a happy, healthy 13 pound cat (up from 4 when he was found). Happy birthday, little buddy.


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  1. Yeah, he had a happy birthday alright…we gave him a little bit of smoked salmon, because we know he loves the salmon and oceanfish food. He LOVED it…

  2. He has such a tiny head in that picture!!!! Freaky kitty!

    ps. you should install those anti-spam thingies that require you to identify if the photo is a cat or a dog!

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