I recently picked up an ASUS Eee PC 900HA, after having seen and used one of the earlier EEEs when I visited my sister in September. I was pretty taken with the idea of having an inexpensive, lightweight PC. I’m actually writing this entry on it — touch typing on its smaller keyboard requires a little bit of an adjustment, but it’s still pretty feasible. So far I’m very impressed with its performance — I was expecting something more sluggish, but the apps I’ve used so far are running well.

I intend to split the hard drive such that I can dual-boot Linux and Windows — the hard drive on this thing is definitely big enough to accommodate both. When that’s accomplished, I’ll hopefully have a nice, portable netbook for both travel and (very) light development work.

Another thing that remains to be seen is how well games will run on this thing. I’m not expecting to run graphics-intensive games, but if I can run some decent strategy or turn-based games on this, I’ll be very, very pleased.

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