Pittsburgh, Early in the Morning

Me in PittsburghMy flight to Pittsburgh arrived about a half-hour early, so I have some extra time to write about the trip. I feared that I wouldn’t be able to sleep due to the presence of a very chatty woman (with a bullhorn for a voice) seated two rows ahead in the window seat. I would go so far as to say that she is the first woman I’ve seen that could be called unctuous — that sort of shadiness combined with youthful “look at my k-k-krazee antics!” (The phrase, “This could be the start of a beautiful relationship,” was uttered. Seriously.) Fortunately, though, she went to sleep as well.

The new travel pillow that Sandy bought me (the Bucky “Gusto”) is great. It’s very well designed, can be blown up in a single (large) breath, and collapses into itself for storage. I found that I had to swivel it a little bit to find a comfortable spot on which to rest my head (it’s asymmetrical), but once I did, I was able to sleep fairly soundly.

Other things: I think the guy in 5D in front of me was a mileage runner as well. One of the crew said something along the lines of, “So you’re back again, huh? That was a quick turn…”

Also, the terminal here in Pittsburgh is surprisingly pleasant. Much nicer than the one at LAX…

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