Stuntman: Ignition

The ridiculous subtitle irritates me, but the game is fun. I’ve never played the original Stuntman, but I’ve heard that it was brutally difficult. The newest incarnation is difficult only if you are trying to get all of the achievements, which is a nice compromise. There’s even an easy mode which makes the game a bit more forgiving, by allowing you to miss more stunts per shot. The fake movies and their trailers are a hoot, and the pacing in each level is well-done. I find it interesting that, as time progressed, my perception of the levels changed from “out and out, barely-comprehensible chaos,” where I felt like I was barely hanging on in some cases, to “highly ordered mayhem” where there’s a definite rhythm and correct line to follow. Of course, the latter is a requirement, since you need to be able to string stunts through an entire scene in order to five-star it…

Overall, a quality rental.

(On a side note, I was thinking about making a list of games that blatantly use their E3 trailers as opening movies. I think it’s a little bit cheesy, to be honest. For the record, Stuntman: Ignition does commit this faux pas.)

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