Old ’90s music videos

Someone started an aggregated list of music videos seen on 120 Minutes. Pretty cool — I spent a lot of time just wading through and watching some of the ones I’d never seen before. A lot of the styles shown in the videos make me laugh now, but of course, they were cool back then. There are also a lot of videos in there that I never knew existed, like the Boo Radleys videos.

Be warned: there are something like 350 videos on that list currently, so be ready to spend some time wading through it…

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  1. What’s this? The Cure – Hot, Hot, Hot… can that really be Robert Smith? Looks like Tom Cruise from Risky Business not the warmed over Zombie that a saw shamble onto the stage of a late night show last year.

  2. Hey, keep in mind that “the 90s” can now mean up to 17 years ago! It’s no surprise that a lot of the stars of that era are no longer looking like spring chickens…

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