Plantronics Discovery 925

Last July, a law requiring hands-free cell phone usage while driving went into effect in California. As a fine, law-abiding citizen, I decided to ditch the somewhat crummy hands-free set that came with my phone, and buy a Bluetooth headset. I don’t often talk on the phone while driving, but I figured that a wireless headset would be more comfortable than a wired one. There isn’t an easily-accessible place to set my phone in my car, which made using the wired hands-free kit somewhat awkward.

After shopping around a bit, I realized that prices in local stores (like Fry’s) were jacked up, to take advantage of the rush to comply with the law. No headsets were on sale, period, and I was thinking about just getting a basic model to avoid laying out a bunch of cash on something I wasn’t sure I’d use often. Fortunately, I decided to check on Amazon, where I discovered that the prices were much more reasonable. I noticed that the Plantronics Discovery 925 was extremely cheap on Amazon – about half off list price, and half off what I had seen it for locally – and it had great reviews, to boot. (Strangely, the other colors are now cheaper still – the gold-colored one is about $15 cheaper than the black one I have!) I ordered one for me, and another for Sandy – about $75 apiece.

After a few months’ usage, I have to say that I’m really happy with it. The sound quality is great, and it doesn’t have a ear-loop that would interfere with my glasses. It’s comfortable, light, and remains in place securely even if I’m moving around or being jostled. The charger case is small, and contains its own battery so you can recharge the earpiece from the case on-the-go. I can also use the voice dialing feature with my phone, making most of my phone calls a truly hands-free experience. It’s convenient enough that I actually use it when I’m at home, too, if someone calls me on my cell phone. I can talk to someone and still do other things like chores at the same time, which simply wasn’t possible when I had to hold the phone to my ear.

Overall, I would say it’s money well spent, and I can definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a Bluetooth headset.

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