Diamond Hoo-Ha Man

Last night we went to see Supergrass in concert, which was a decent show. Standing near us was a guy wearing a promo T-shirt for a game — I had the same shirt, from an E3 several years ago. The game was "Seed," and was apparently shut down a few months after its release. As the developers are based in Denmark, and given that the game itself is dead, I assume that the guy I saw was just a random punter with the shirt, and not one of the developers.

Now, I am hardly a paragon of cool, but let me put it this way — freebie t-shirts for games sit at the back of my drawer, and are worn a) on lazy days when I don’t leave the house, b) to the gym, or c) when I’m doing any sort of messy work. I wouldn’t wear them out to a show…it would be too weird.

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