The City of Brotherly Love

So I’m here in Philadelphia after the redeye flight from Las Vegas. I was surprised — the flight looked to be completely full. I wonder how many people are headed straight to work after a 4-day weekend in Vegas…

BTW, final tally from Vegas is a $2 loss from playing Deuces Wild video poker. I couldn’t find blackjack on any of the machines there.

So I still have about an hour to kill before the next leg, to Baltimore. Maybe I’ll catch some breakfast, or at least a caffeinated beverage of some sort. I’m also going to rearrange my bag a little bit, as I may need to gate-check my bag on the next flight, and I want to carry any essentials on my person. (I flew on this type of aircraft, a Canadair regional jet, recently, and I did have to gate-check my bag then…)

Me in Philadelphia, after an overnight flight

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