Hitting the wall

I am definitely tired now. I slept practically the whole way from Charlotte to Phoenix. I am also getting confused about where I am, and what time it is, which was to be expected. Just one more leg of the trip to go…

I also realized that I forgot to take a picture in Charlotte. I was planning on taking the picture in these rocking chairs they had set up in the food court, but I forgot. Darn.

On the flight from Charlotte, there was a woman sitting across the aisle from me who was traveling with a young kitten — probably 2-3 months old. I only saw her for a little bit, but the kitten was very cute. I guess if we ever have to travel with our cats, that would be an option, but I think Oliver might be a little too big for traveling like that…

Anyway, I think I may try to find a bit of food now…

Me in Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix

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  1. you can take cats on board! as long as they fit in a carrier–oliver isn’t THAT big, right? (i mean, he’s not godzilla cat)

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