Top Spin 2

I bought this game awhile ago on the cheap, and promptly forgot that I had actually purchased it. I uncovered it while I was rummaging through my collection of Xbox 360 games, and decided to play it since I have free time now.

It’s a nice upgrade from the first Top Spin game, although I feel like some aspects of the presentation are a little rough. I was also crushed that they appear to have scaled back their “attitude” feature. If you’re not familiar with Top Spin, “attitude” can be triggered after a point to play a little random canned animation showing pleasure or disgust. The added bonus is that, if you play online, the other player could see your animation. It worked pretty well as a taunting mechanism, or as a way to vent frustration over losing a close point. In the first Top Spin, you could select between a “good sportsmanship” and a “bad sportsmanship” set of animations, which only added to the fun.

However, in Top Spin 2, they have removed the separate sets of animations — now, you can only show frustration when you lose a point, and excitement when you win. There’s no more finger-wagging or any other stuff like that, which just cuts out all the fun. To make matters worse, it seems like there are fewer animations overall, so now I hardly use “attitude” at all…

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